JYKK 2015/2016 Models

The ONE is the basic Snowscoot model. It is easy to ride and easy to make progress on. An excellent model for those experiencing Snowscoot for the first time.



The ONE-D is a derivative of the ONE model. This best-selling model takes the functionality of the ONE and adds the SAS (Smart Attach System) board attachment system.


Mini but authentic! This is perfectly suited for children between 3 and 7 years of age. It is a real Snowscoot especially for children who are between 100 and 120 cm tall.


The “A” in the name stands for “all-around,” and this model will serve you well even on packed snow or uneven terrain as well as in the back country. The lightest model available


If you want to enjoy the terrain found in park-air riding and slopes, then the STYLE-G is the perfect Snowscoot. It’s 40 mm wider than the ONE series, offering greater stability and the perfect freestyle ride. This model was produced by team rider Takashi Gaman, who emphasizes the ability to be able to play “from the first powder of morning to the park-air course in the afternoon.”


The 70 (Nanamaru) model is hugely popular overseas. The world team rider 70 model is hugely popular overseas. The name is derived from the 70-degree head angle. National Team Rider Nico Anthony was heavily involved in the development. This is a world-class model.


The boards

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