Zoom : Snowmoto

The Snowmoto esteems most in the board which can also be called an engine of the snowbike. It’s being studied from all angles of the choice of the material, the strength and the stiffness including the board shape, not the board which just is hard and doesn’t break.
And the Snowmoto aren’t aiming only to run earliest by a race. We’re aiming at the snowbike which shows the best performance by the skiing slope condition and the riding style the user hopes. 

Of course it is the snowbike which can also be satisfied with the user who would like to run early and a showy action.
Snowmoto is akin to the shape of Snowscoot, but a frame of Snowmoto is made in order to get flex of a board and the torsion maximally. And that still keeps evolving. Development room is still the gear left enough in the snowbike. 

There is only a user who doesn’t have much Snowmoto yet at Europe. But we’re convinced that Snowmoto will be a good partner for the person who would like to enjoy himself like ski and a snowboard by snowbike.

More infos : www.snowmoto.jp


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